tracks/trails in il, wis, in?

Does anyone know any good mx tracks in illinois, wisconsin or indiana. I live near chicago. I usually ride at buffalo range in Ottawa, or at the badlands in attica, in. Im looking for some mx tracks somewhere around me. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, even if they are just trails, im just looking for some fun places to ride.

You have one of the best tracks in Northern Illinois just down the road from you. It's called Sunsetridge MX and is an awesome track. Go to for directions. Should be about 2 hours from you, but it is worth the trip as I am sure everyone will agree. Their is also Mt. Carroll Motocross park, and Byron (which I think sucks) which should only be about an hour or hour and a half for you Enjoy.

Go here: for info on a great trail ride. It's scenic. It's kid-friendly. It's expert-friendly. The trails are marked green=easy, blue=intermediate, black=expert. In previous events, the black trail was 20+ miles long and left a big grin on my face. It's kinda expensive due to land use issues, but the chances are pretty good you'll leave with a prize. My nephew won a helmet in a random draw. The give-aways are nice but the ride alone is worth the money in my humble opinion. Check it out!

fasetenuf4u had probably the best tracks in IL to ride/race at. joliet [] is even closer than all of those if you're from chicago area. just jump on 55 south and it takes you all the way there til you get to the wilmington exit. waterman [] which is an indoor track not too far either. i actually like stateline [] which is way up in northern illinois. it's a stadium track like joliet, but much better.

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