handgards TTR125le

:) Can some one tell me what kind of handgards will fit a TTR125. Do you know a web site where I can buy them. Thanks :)

I put the Acerbis Mini on my sons. They fit but if you wanted to move the levers down you cant.

I installed the Acerbis Rally Pro's on my wifes and they fit great.

I would seriousley look at the Moose Mini Aluminum handguards. I have them on my YZ400 with the Renthal bars cut to 29" and they were a bolt on deal. No cuting, grinding, drilling, or bending. Easiest pair of guards I have ever installed.

These are not the fullsize guards but the smaller ones for kids bikes. They work great on narower bars. I only paid $30 for them. Then you will have to buy some shields for them. I got the Cycra's for mine. But Moose or enduro engineering makes them also. Just pick your poison.

i was gunna buy some for mine but i decided that im gunna sell mine and get a WR

I have the Moose aluminum handguards on mine. They work great for me. :)



i like the Tusks that i have check the pics in my garage.

Cycra Pro bend handguards are nice. They will not break. That's what Im running on my bars.

cycra stealth.

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