rear wheel spoke -- anyone have an extra?

I just got my first dirt bike (been street riding a long time, but new to dirt) which is a 03 KLX400 (same as DRZ400E not S). Got it from a dealer, and is supposed to be very low hours 1 owner. Just noticed after I got it home a spoke is missing off the rear wheel. I thought, no big deal, I'll just get another one, they can't cost too much. I stopped at a dealership and was very unpleasantly surprised to hear they only sell them as a whole kit for like $80. I don't know cause I'm new to dirt, but I would think this would be a common problem -- just missing 1 or 2 spokes -- what do most people do? Someone suggested I try posting on here to see if anyone has a spare. Does anyone have an extra spoke or 2 they would sell me? Or does anyone know of an aftermarket supplier that will sell them individually?

If I can't find one and have to buy a whole kit, does anyone want to buy some spokes from me?

Also, I have heard that it helps keep your spokes tight and prevent loosing them if you put zip ties around them -- cool, but how do you do that? I mean, where exactly do you put the zip ties on? Could anyone send me a picture or give me a link to a picture of a wheel with zip tied spokes?


Suzuki sells spokes as a kit. Generally Kawasaki sells spokes individually. If not for the Kawa clone, then try another Kawasaki that takes the same spoke. KDX 200/220, KX's, probably lots others. Just compare the length. After-market spoke kits will be cheaper than OEM kits if you have to buy a kit.

Keep spokes tight is good. The zip ties go where the spokes cross but don't do much except stop an already broken spoke from flopping around.

I'll check my spares box, I might have a couple.

Thanks Noble. I'll try to find out if the KDX spokes will work or not.

Moredesert, if you do have any spares, let me know what you would want for a couple of them. Thanks!

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