i just went riding

got my bike back..started ti up for the first time since september ;)

i rode around the yard for a bit..just playing around

then i went to a trail where the snow was rock solid..i rode a few miles up the trail and even went in 1 trail where there was only 1 4wheeler track and the bike went thru it fine..im thinking on studding the tires up and doin some hardcore ridin this weekend if it doesnt rain or snow :o the ice on the trail really sucked taht was why i had to keep it slow..was it ever nice to get back on my bike though


Trust me PLR... stud up those tires as soon as you can- it is a blast :):) you will be amazed at how well they hook up - DO IT !

i did it last year daver

but in deeper "fluffy":D snow......it hooked up but kept tearin studs out

in this snow i know for a fact that it will hook up Awesome!!!!1 i mean the regular tires were hookin up pretty good

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