CRF250R setup.

got me an 04 crf250r last week so i thought i might aswell signup here since most guys at my track are members :) . im new to the whole suspension setup thing but i have my manual which helped me setup my suspension to 100m racesag (570 unloaded , 470 loaded with gear standing onm pegs) but the free sag is 30mm when book says it should be no more than 25mm.

is this really that important? im a faster C grade rider and weight around 195-200lb with gear on i guess (187 without) . it says anymore sag than 25mm the spring is to stiff for you :) at 187lb i highly doubt that lol.

that is correct. a stiffer spring is shorter than a softer spring therefor the free-sag (static sag) will be more if you have too stiff of a spring.

having your race sag and spring rates correct will make a huge difference in riding and how the bike handles.

at 187 you are a little heavier than stock setup on a crf is setup for so if i was to say anything i'd say your springs are a little soft for you. has spring rates for your weight if you want to check it out.

exactly what i expected , for it to be less than 10mm free sag indicating that i need a stiffer spring . what confuses me isthat my sag is greater than the 10-25mm range which says i need a softer spring according to the manual :)

am i doing somthing wrong here? :)

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