Just a reminder we are all mortal...

This incident happened over the weekend, at a place my son and I ride at sometimes...

I know that these reports are always a bit of a downer... but they are also a reality check... make sure you wear the protective gear you have, make sure you ride within your limits and make sure your family know you love and care for them... because we will all be taken one day, in some way...


RIP...he and his family are in my prayers.

He died froim a broken leg and a few abraisions?

He died froim a broken leg and a few abraisions?

The article mentions "suffered severe chest injuries" which I can tell you from experience (street bike) - translates to broken ribs and punctured lungs.

He died froim a broken leg and a few abraisions?

As mentioned in the article and by the next post after yours... severe chest injuries, trauma, loss of blood all compounded to cause his death before the helicopter was able to get him to medical treatment.


It's really too bad that he had to go and leave three young sons and a wife behind. At least he died doing what he loved, with the ones he loved! (Many many people have gone in much worse circustances.)

Its always eyeopening to hear of things like this. Just this weekend I rode up on a young kid (I'd say 13-14) being loaded into a ambulance with a broken neck, they life flighted him out. He crashed his rm80 into a tree. It just makes your heart sink

His family and loved ones are in the prayers...................

Speaking of mortality:

MXJunkys good friend since the 5th grades father died last night. Apparently, he had a cold and was coughing, so he went to sleep on the recliner in the living room, to keep from disturbing his wifes sleep. In the morning he was found passed away in his recliner...

He died froim a broken leg and a few abraisions?

The article stated that it was a compound fracture of the leg, It could have cut his femoral artery and he would have bled to death within minutes. It is a sad thing, and a risk we all take. I feel for his son that went for help. Hopefully he won't blame himself that he didn't ride fast enough to get help. His family will be in my prayers.

That's too bad! I hate stories like this one!! My thoughts and prayers to his son's...Godspeed

kid died in a local pit by me the day after christmas parents bought him a kx 85 for christmas never road before he went head 1st into a tree its ashame these things have to happen

It,s always sad when someone looses there life. I ride with alot of people most of them with children who ride, I always try and make sure that they concentrate on safety, which not only means wearing the correct safety gear & riding safe,(don't ride over your ability!!). But also good bike maint. & setup!!. Off road riding is dangerous as are most sports??. But! after almost 4 decades of riding & racing I've lost more friends to everyday life type of accidents, (car crashes ect.) than to offroad riding!!. My message is to prepare yourself the best you can, prepare your equipment as best you can,use your brains & ride as safe as you can, +!!!, while your being safe,don't forget to enjoy what your doing!!. Life is dangerous enjoy it while you can!!!. :)

This is sad man. It makes you wonder. But read my signature. Nothing can hold us riders back...

RIP , Smiley. Sorry, dude.

And, yes, just a broken leg can kill you. But punctured lungs can put you down REALLY fast. You can suffocate very quickly.

Wow, I live down here in Florida and the worse accident I've heard yet is a boy being paralized in Dade city...but for someone 2 die...that's really scary

Very sad, kinda makes you think about our chosen hobby. How ever dangerous this sport is I will never quit, and I plan on involving my boys, if they want, in it as well. :) My heart goes out to that family.

It breaks your heart doesn't it? Man,I just hate it when people get injured in this sport.

Be straight with your maker because you will meet him someday....we just don't know which one. Your prayers are with them.

Just a point on punctured lungs. I've punctured my left lung twice & my right 3 times, when bones break they have to go somewhere!!!. You may not be awaare of the damage rite away!!. But if you even think that you've done some damage to your ribs or a clavicle,(collarbone), get it checked out!!. More than once I've thought DAMM!! I broke another rib or another collerbone!!, only to find my breathing getting labored or the worst case when you start coughing up blood. When you get injured get to the hospital ASAP. (I hope you have good insurense). Bottem line don't take a chance a chance with your life. Get it checked out!!!!. I'm alive & enjoying offroad riding today only because of good doctors!!!!. Ride smart & don,t take any chances when it comes to your health!!!!!!. :)

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