New XR 650R owner questions?

I just bought a used 2001 XR 650R. After much debate between a KTM MXC fourstroke and the XR, I went with the XR. I put on 60 miles this weekend and have no doubts for the riding that I do that I made the correct choice. I have a couple of questions though.

It has the power up kit and runs fine under acceleration but backfires under decelleration, is this ok?

It doesn't start on the first kick, everything I read before I bought said that they start very easily. Is there a trick to starting?

I wanted to replace the side panel as it is in pretty bad shape, where would I find after market plastic at a decent price? I see a ton on deals on MX plastic and even smaller XRs but I can't find much on the 650. Do they make a side panel background covering that would cover the whole side panel?

Thanks Brad

popping on decell. is too lean,might check the pilot jet,needs at least a "68s"

I have my needle on the 3rd notch,not the stock needle...

Starting cold,I lean my bike over till it spills gas from the vent tube,Pull comp.

release holding kill in button,kick over 2 or 3 times,then release comp. lever and find tdc pull comp. lever move kick lever about a inch release lever and start,or get a edelbrock ,Next on my wish list :p

I've seen backgrounds for the number plates,Can't remember where :)

My main jet is a 175,uni air filter and holes in the filter cover...

There is a website called The Pig Pen,Good info there :)

One thing that I have found that makes starting on my 600 easier, and it is pretty easy anyway is a NGK Iridium sparkplug. I get them at Advance Auto Parts. The part # for the 650R is BKR7EIX-11. Check out NGK's website.

I think that once you get the starting routine down it will be easier.

I have a friend with a 650R and it took him a little while to get the whole process down, but he loves the bike as you do, and I love riding it as well from time to time. Walt :)

The best thing to do is adjust your valves, both intake and exhaust. The backfiring is caused from a lean condition and will be corrected once the valve lash is set properly. If you have the proper powerup kit installed the bike will start easier and will not back fire when getting off the throttle. The intakes are set at .006 and the exhaust are set at .008. Also ensure that the exhaust valve with the compression release is not resting on the valve since this will give you an incorrect adjustment on that valve.

Once this is done correctly, enjoy your riding.................

Being your bike has been modified, maybe the coast enrichener has been removed or altered? This would make it backfire on deceleration. Compare the left side of your carb to one that you know is stock. If it has been removed you should have much better throttle response and none of the annoying lagging high idle, but you will have more engine braking.

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