KTM/WP to Brembo 4-pot caliper bracket?

I'm trying to mount up a Galfer 320 rotor and Brembo GP caliper to my `05 KTM 525 mxc.

I got all the parts as a kit from Galfer, but the caliper adapter bracket doesn't make sense. The bracket is not Brembo manufactured and is one flat piece, shaped similar to my old Motomaster relocation bracket for the OEM caliper. It seems like the bracket is supposed to mount to the outside of the dropout/caliper bosses and then use spacers between the bracket and caliper to move the caliper back towards the rotor. Not only does that look like way too much of a waterworks going on there, but the outside of the brake caliper bosses are not machined as a mounting surface, and it just looks kinda hokey...

I've seen other Brembo manufactured caliper adapters that mount in place of the OEM caliper and step out to correctly place the caliper on the rotor. Is anyone running something similar for KTM, and if so do you have a part number and a source?

Calls to Galfer and Brembo have been less than helpful.



I went round and round with the bunch of people that swore that bracket would work. At one time, I had three of the brackets at my house.

Let me make a call tomorrow and see if I can get you one. I drilled and tapped mine for the speedo pickup.


Thank you, I feel less like I've been taking crazy pills now. :)

That's exactly how I thought it should be working. It didn't seem like this should be nuclear physics or rocket science to make one bracket work.


Any updates?


I also have that 4 piston Brembo and also looking for a part # on a relocator bracket to fit my 2003 Yamaha 450. Anyone? Not to get off the issue, what is the better size radial master for that Brembo caliper, 13mm or 16mm??

Thanks for any info.

The Brembo Part # for YZs is 70.2012


I have the bracket, I can not find a caliper to save my skin!

Anybody know if anyone has the Brembo caliper in stock? Brembo is due to send them out from Italy in "Mid-April". Race season starts before that!!!

Thanks all for any help.

OK, here's the scoop and you guys owe me big time cause I spent hours finding these vendors.

Bracket comes from Spiegler in Ohio. They almost always have them in stock. PH 937-291-1735

You can get a new caliper(billet Brembo) from Maz at Cdaleparts.com These are Cannondale S440 overstock. Call him as his parts may be negotiable depending on number in stock.

Thumpertalk store got me the Brembo rotor for about $260, I think

Anybody know if anyone has the Brembo caliper in stock? Brembo is due to send them out from Italy in "Mid-April". Race season starts before that!!!

Have you tried Galfer? The caliper comes as part of their SM kit, and we got a couple from them a few weeks ago. At the distributor lever (and I assume the dealer level as well), they say that they'll sell the individual parts of the kit seperately.

The difference between that caliper and a regular Brembo caliper for a pre-`00 Ducati is that the caliper comes with the back machined down so to not interfere with the spokes on a SM bike.

If you have problems, drop me a PM, and I'll see what I can find out about availabillity.


To Fillmore and x440s_in_San_Diego

Thanks so much guys! I FOUND ONE!!! I had to have CycleBrakes order one through Galfer, it was a little wierd because CycleBrakes does not usually get their Brembo stuff through Galfer.

I wrote Maz at CdaleParts.com an email, left a message on his voicemail, and called him 3 times a day for three days with no response. But thanks for the tip, I know a guy with a Cdale.

Hey Fillmore, are you going to the July SuperCamp at their home base? If you are I will see you there...

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