Ok Oklahoma...4 Or 5 Of Us Need To Ride

We are cold and in mud up here in KS,NE area. Wanted to know if someone could give us info on any good places to ride?

there are several tracks in stillwater but the best all round in my opinion and the opinion of the guy's i ride with down here is the track called the Stillwater 500. It's 500 acres that is maintained by the city and maintained very well I might say. There is a nice and challenging motocross style track (designed and built by Guy Cooper) as well as many miles of trails to ride. Kid friendly also. No motorhome hook ups though. Stillwater 500 is $25 annually and it's per family. Absolutely cannot beet it. Almost too good to be true. Also just a few miles from there is a place called Redbank 51 and Cooperland. Redbank 51 is 60 acres and has several decent table tops and is a good wide open place to practice motocross style racing. It's a longer mx type track than the mx track at 500 and more spread out. Not as many good jumps as 500 though. Redbank 51 is $10 per person all day. Cooperland is not for the faint of heart. www.cooperlandraceway.com It's a national track and I know they have practice sessions open one day a week but not sure which day it is. Anyway, I would definitely advise you to stay in the Stillwater area.

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