dunlop/michelin tire size comparison-help!


The dunlop 756 18-110/100 is the rear tire.

Michelin's S12 rear tire has rear tire sizes of 130/80 and 140/80.

Does anyone know which of the Michelin sizes matches or comes closest to the dunlop 110/100?


Careful with the 130 it does match up size wise with the 110 but the knobs are a smaller scale and chunk way easier on the 140 version. :) Either get the 140 which is like a 120 size or get another brand of tire. The S12 - 130 size is not popular because of the under scaled smaller knob sizes. :)

If you have a Dennis Kirk catalog there is an explanation in there in the tire section. Maybe do a web search. I was just learning about this the other night. It looks to me like the 130-80 is the correct match. I would however take the advice offered by Indy450, he really seems to be very knowledgeable(sp). Good luck.

Dunlop is a curse word around here! :)

I run 130/80 S12s and my buddy runs 140's. No problems with wear or chunking with the 130 even though my bike has way more mods. The 130 is approximately equivalent to a 110 Dunlop.

The Michelins are great tires.

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