What carb do I have?

Hello folks,

I picked up a 98' KLX 300 in late fall. I got it from a Yamaha/KTM dealer. They were great, but did not know alot about what had been done to the bike other than the guy was on top of things. And I did not ask them this. It has a Mikuni carb on it and I am wondering how I can tell which one it is.


I can't quite make out what yours is, even if I squint! :)

I have the 36mm Mikuni. On the left side of the carb, near the front, there is a "T36" stamped into it in small lettering. Maybe that will help.

Ride on


I can not believe you can not see the carb! I am holding it up right in front of my screen! Man, this things is getting heavy. Next time I hold a part up in front of the screen maybe I should take it off the bike first.

Yes--I was asking for any marking to look for. I will look tomorrow.

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