Four days, 1100+km, life is good!

I just got back from a four day, 1100+ kilometre ride in Australia's Snowy Mountain region. I was a bit tentative before the ride as this sort of thing is not really the Berg's forte, however it performed absolutely FLAWLESSLY and left a very positive impression on the other guys on the ride.

My pictures can be seen here:

And a ride reports can be seen here:

I was a bit concerned at the start of the third day as my bike was running really rough, esp at low rpms, and stalling a lot. It took me a good two hours to work out that I'd left the choke on! DOH! That was the closest I came to having a mechanical issue over the whole 4 days. Not even one bolt came loose. Can you tell I love this bike? :)

Some of the better photos are:



showing how it's done


showing how it's not done (demonstration purposes only!) :p


Varadero 1000cc submarine :)


Misty morning out of Dargo


Flowing trails through the fog coming into Grant


Crossing the Dargo river (i think)


Creek crossing #4325123


Views from the top of Mt Buller


The trails just kept on comin'


Some places were worth stopping for


Having fun in the twisty's


Enjoyed the pics, thanks. Looks like a great ride!

Nice pictures. Only went as far as the first link though.....Way too many pop up adds and artificial windows claiming to be legitimate anti virus programs :)

It's just Photobucket... everyone uses it. I strongly suspect the popups are not from there, but from your computer.... :)

Looks like a great ride!!

BTW- I got zero popups. :)

Great pics...thanks for sharing them :)

Yeah it was. Definnitely something different for me as I'm used to tight enduro-style tracks, 2nd/3rd gear stuff but this was a blast in its own way and you certainly get to see a lot more countryside in 4th/5th/6th gear :)

So how many of your buddies are running the new 2WD Yamaha's?

None! At over $20000 each that's not surprising... :)

Even Fretigne ran a conventional drive setup in the Dakar this year... noone knows why?

Thanks for the pics. Lot of cool, different bikes.

Hey Knopey where was my invite? :)

looks great, :) who organised that one, was there much road riding?


It was run by KTM Trail Tours, and is the first in what's hoped to become an annual event sponsored by Trail Bike Adventure Magazine and There will be a DVD with the edition of TBAM that runs the story (not till August or so :) bloody quarterly mags :) ) which will have helmetcam footage and other cool stuff.

There was some road riding but less than I expected. Enduro-type bikes were the ones to have 80% of the time. Steady, get on to, an Aussie based bike forum, if you want to be in the next one :p:D

Wow that looked awesome, thanks for sharing the pictures :)

:) cool adventure, I like it much! :)

Nice pics Knopey. Makes me want a KTM 950 even more. Ive seen

them taken up some gnarly terrain last year during a big DS ride.

Takes some balls & skills to wrestle a beast like that around in some terrain.

...and of course, "Varadero 1000ccm submarine" is best :)



cool, sounds good. :):)

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