Brand new "E" stock header & pipe. Cost?

When I purchase the new exhaust system is the stock, brand new, system worth anything to anyone. I see that some "s" owners upgrade to the "e" system. I will have the "e" system. Just wondering what these things go far to offset the cost of the next aftermarket system. Thanks

I sent you a PM. :)

Check Ebay for sales prices. I'd say under $50. Sometimes less although usually only the muffler section is offered. With head pipe - $50 to $75. If you watch TT they are sometimes offered free for shipping.

Not worth much at all, I gave my muffler to Noble and traded my head pipe for a sweat shirt.

It's on the bike now. Fixed the welded end cap and make some 6/7 mm step studs to hold it on. :)

Great :), I'm glad it helping someone out. So have is in washington and the other half is in Wisconsin. Both are still being used which is what I like to hear.

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