hot cams and power now

what do they do and are they worth it. do they mess your bike up

Yes, both will cause your bike to spontaneously combust :)

i'm serious

Well, since I have neither, this is just based on what I've read. Hot cams, intake will give you more low and mid range power. Exhaust will give you more top end power.

Power now is also supppose to give you more power. Some thinks it works, some don't.

well how do they work like what do they do

I have used the PowerNow, and I am a fan of it. The theory behind it is that it controls the "turbulence" of the air that is entering the combustion chamber. In a roundabout way, it is somewhat similar to "porting" your bike.

In my experience, the PowerNow made my bike more responsive in low to mid range, and it also helped prevent stalling.

Depending of the bike you have the result may differ a bit.

The power now main effect is to smooth out the power at low throttle opening. It separates the intake bore of the carb in two, so there is less air flow turbulence. The air is drawn into the carb by the small opening at first. When the throttle opens wider the second part of the carb intake over the power now device draw the greate amount of air neede for full power.

Hot cams will provide the power curve you want depending of the lift and duration of the cam lobes. On the Yamaha wr prior to 2003, they also offer the possibility of adding the auto decomp feature. I'm sure there aree more precise info, but it's a start. :)

The PowerNow I had on my YZ250F gave excellent throttle response and a little bit more bottom end. The only gripe I had with it was it took away some top.

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