e exhaust on s

i searched for this answer but did not see it i have a wb r4 slip on and cannot get a head pipe so i am going to get a full system do i want to get the e or the s system, my bike is an s but i thought i seem that you want to put the e on due to larger dia. also if i get the yosh which one do i want and do i just want tec inserts to quiet it down. does the stock heat sheild fit the full yosh or mussy. also will i have to do any rejetting if i go full system, i have the 3x3 and dj kit with burneds jetting recommendations and it runs great know will it change with the full system or should everything stay the same, please reply as i am wanting to order one up. also where is the best place to get the muzzy if i go that route since the tt store does not sell them, and 1 more question and you get the yosh for the drz in the the new triangle shape canister and is it any more money? :)


thanks for anyhelp :)

anyone out there with some info :)

if you go yosh,get the S pipe.its the same as the E pipe just with the proper mounts.

the heat shields mounts on it.

would i have to rejet it or will it be fine :)

Jetting is usually a matter of how particular the rider is. For some riders, stock jetting is fine, others appreciate the difference a change can make. As burned and others have said before, it's pretty hard for a 4 stroke to run lean enough to hurt itself. If you go with a full system, the cost of a DJ kit, with or without the 3X3 airbox mod, is quite minimal, but highly worth while.

will i need to rejet from the settings i have listed above when going to a full system, also are the new yosh systems the triangle canister for the drz or are they still round. :)

your jetting will stay the same.

the drz yosh systems are oval unless you get the ti pipe.its tri oval.

Sorry. :) I forgot you mentioned the 3x3 mod and burned's jetting. I believe he normally recommends a 142.5 (stock) main jet with a full system for best results. :)

if he had it jetted for the slip on it should have the 142.5 in it.if not,you he will need it.

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