Lifan Piston Rings

Hey i have a Lifan 110cc motor on my xr70and well today i notice that my bike has smoke coming out of the crankcase breather so i didnt really think of it as a big deal so i drain the oil thinking there was too much and that was why it was smoking, added new oil and started it up and its still smoking? so i called up this place by my house called the Dirtshop and they said that i probably have a broken piston ring. But to make things short i was mostly wondering if the BBR 110cc kit piston rings would fit on my 110cc lifan piston because i cant find piston rings for this annnnnyyy where thanks.


(this is just a picture of my motor)

(And this is a pic of my bike. )

I'm not sure but I didn't think bad piston rings would make smoke come out the crankcase breather? If you measure it up( the rings) your local dealer could look for a matching ring? From a different bike.

can you buy any parts for that motor? :):)

ATC 110 I'd bet. Get the bore and stroke of your bike and compare it to the ATC 110. Bet it is the same.

Also I think the SDG and Xtreme 107's use the same rings. They have Lifan motors too, no?

110cc Engine Specs:

Engine Model Lifan 1P52FMH

Type: 4-Stroke single-cylinder OHC air cooled

Bore & Stroke: 52.4 X 49.5mm

Compression ratio: 9.0 : 1

Displacement: 106.8cc 107cc 110cc Class

Max. HP: 7.0 HP @ 7,500 RPM

Max. Torque: 5.6 ftlbs @ 5,500 RPM

Carburetor: PZ19 19mm Walbro Standard of Japan

Idle: 1,500 RPM

Starter: Kick Start / Electric start available

Spark plug: A7TC or NGK C6HSA

Plug Gap: .28 or 0.6-0.8mm

Ignition system: CDI (Capacitive Discharge Ignition)

Lubrication: Pressure / Splash

Oil capacity: .8L (10w-30)

Measurements: 18 1/4" x 11" x 11"

Weight 44 Pounds

Clutch: Unicycle Shift Manual or Auto

Gears: 4 speed

Gear Ratios 3.273/1.938/1.350/1.043

Magneto: Permanent magnetic

yea well i took apart my top end and the rings are perfectly fine and then i thought that my exhaust valve could be leaking beacuse rite as i start up my motor exhaust comes out of that breather and i know its now burning oil in the trans becuase it wouldnt start shooting the smoke out rite away. but i could be wrong if anyone else could help me thatd be great im just getting realllll pissed off with this bike its the second motor and this lifan is only 3 months old. (i wouldnt reccomend it)

copy motors suck,

If you're getting smoke out of the crankcase its blowby - bad rings, bad piston or bad cylinder unless you have something really weird like a hole in the head or exhaust port. Bad valves won't leak into the crankcase. Do a compression test.

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