Durhamtown March 19-21

My friend and I will be in Durhamtown Friday through Sunday, March 18-20th. Anyone interested in riding there that weekend?

are you going to be camping? I want to go sometime but wanna stay long enough to enjoy it. I think it would be a 4 hour drive. I might would go if the weather looks good

Yes, I taking the RV, if you can call that camping. It's a 10 hour trip for me. :)

Josh and I could make that date. Thats the first weekend of spring break. :)

Whats it cost for rv parking there?

Cool! :)

$25 a night for 30 amp and $30 for 50 amp.

We are going to be there the week leading up to that weekend. But friday is the 18th not 19th.

We will ehad out on that friday, we will jsut miss each other.

That one might work for me. The first weekend of my boys break also. I would be in an RV too. I love that place. I have to start working the wife. :)

Oops sorry, yes Friday through Sunday (18-20th). When are you leaving Friday?

That's great Brett, we may take up all the RV slots with Florida TT guys.

we don't have any plans set in stone yet, but my guess would be the early morning. Have to get back to go to the orlando sx

Ill be there fo' sho', fo' sho'. I think spring break here in AL is 18-25. Me and my riding buddies :) will be camping out atleast 4 days which have yet to be determined.

Hopefully no one has reserved the Coon's Den...

Man, I'm glad you mentioned that, we're going to the Orlando SX too. I was thinking of Durham the following weekend (depends on the boys report card)

Yep, I forgot all about the SX myself. We will have to reschedule for the following weekend (25-27) ourselves.

I might be in for March 25-27 if I can find bikes for my two boys by then. We have a 27' travel trailer and I think I can get all the bikes in the back of my truck. BTW Spring Break for Brevard County schools is March 28 through April 1.


Well, that went to hell real quick! :)

I'm still going so let me know if you are going to be around or just look for a Blue Gas Gas 450, I'll be the only one. :)

Any chance of going the following weekend?

I think I'll be going the following weekend. I'll verify tonight and post it here

I'm going the sunday before thru wednesday, I guess that is the 13-16

Any chance of going the following weekend?

Not for me, that's spring vacation for my son and we are all going to Gatlinburg TN for the week.

OK, I forgot that the weekend of the 26th and 27th is Easter weekend. I just got confirmation (wife said its ok) that I can go the following weekend. I will travel on Thurs., riding on Fri and Sat, 4/1 and 4/2. Anyone else up for it?

I'll start a new thread for this date

Bump. I'll still be there 19-21. Anyone else?

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