Street legal WR250F!!

I got my plate today for my WR. It was like 65-70 degrees today! What a blast. Indiana is really easy. The only thing I did to the bike was I added a hydralic brake light switch, mirror, and D.O.T. tires, since I have a spare set of rims. The local cop was really cool about signing the sheet that I had to take to the license branch. Anyone who lives in Indiana should really think about doing this. It was a piece of cake.

I wish this would go over in FL. But the little spot on the title that is off road only, would not allow it to fly. :)

Way to go! I agree that riding a legal dirt bike on the roads is cool as hell. Be prepared to have a few Barney Fifes on your tail to check you out. Ohio is even easier. We don't even have an inspection. My brother got his XR400 plare without even brake light, DOT tires or a mirror. He will need to get them, But not to get the plate.

My title said "off road use only" also but once the cop signed the sheet saying that I had installed the proper equipment I was able to take it to the license branch and apply for a new title.

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