New DRZ250 Owner

Just picked up a 2003 DRZ250 for my son.

It has a full Yosh system on it and seems to run OK. It doesnt rev very fast though and is really rough at low rpms.

What are the basic mods and jetting recommendations for this thing? I know I did some basic mods and jetting to my DRZ400 and the thing woke up in a big way. Is there a better carb that is inexpensive that will help the 250 out?

I will be searching the archives but they are...well archives and maybe old info...

Any info appreciated!

What's been done to the intake? Snorkel, drilling air box, filter etc. It sounds like perhaps it wasn't re-jetted after the Yosh install.

I bought a Mikuni TM-33P from Carb Parts Warehouse. It is a nice upgrade from the stock TM-28P (non-CA carb). I have no experience with the CA version of the carb.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, this bike hasn't changed much since introduction. That means that the archive info is still up to date.

My '02 drz250 has similar mods as dr_drz, but when I bought mine used it had the 13 tooth front sprocket replaced with a 12 tooth. Many say this might be too small but I have yet to see any disadvantage to wear strips or chain. I am 6'1" and 220 lbs. and ride with guys riding 400's, and 450's in tight woods and long steep mountain trails and I am able to keep up. This spring I a will replace the rear 49 tooth with a 53 tooth just for fun. I'll keep you posted.

Hey there, I am 6' 220 lbs and too can keep up... well, almost :) My top speed on my 2001 DRZ 250 is 54.4 mph (GPS).

As far as tight trails and hills, this bike goes anywhere, it's amazing.

I have a Pro Circuit T4 with the stock header and still have to rejet the idle properly (have a lot of popping going on).

A 12-took sprocket is not really suited for heavier rider. It will guarantee faster speeds but loss of torque as well. You need to go taller.

I have the stock 13/49 gearing on the outside and so far so good.

Sounds like the clip on the needle is in the wrong place. Moose builds a good re-jet kit available through Dennis Kirk for that carb. My 250 runs like the 'Lil mule it is suppose to doesn't accelerate like a KTM200, but it is sure nice at low speed in the woods.

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