rear spring question

I set the sag on my son's 85 this evening. To get the sag correct, the spring is loose, under no tension, when the bike is on the stand. The sag height is correct when he sits on the bike, compared to when it is on the stand.

I have not checked the static sag (bike weight only), but I don't think the spring should be "floating" when it is on the stand. Am I correct in thinking this?

He is pretty light, so maybe a lighter spring is in order. are lighter springs longer to maintain propper unsprung height?

I am very new to this, thanks in advance for any help.


The lighter spring is the same length, but not as strong. So it compresses more for a given weight and it won't have to be so loose, since it will be soft enough to compress when needed. I hope you see what I'm trying to say, since I can't think of how to explain it better.



Yes, that made perfect sense, thanks. After I thought about it for a while, I figured that was the case.

I really just needed to spend time actually thinking about it...

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