Bent Radiator

Fell in the rocks and bent radiator in about 1.5 inches. Not leaking though, so I think I'll leave it for now. Anyone else bent one in like and left it that way without a leak?


Yep, did finally buy a new one though...i was afraid of what would happen the next time i dumped and hit the same spot.

It's amazing how tough the radiators are, I have bent mine back a couple of times on my bikes. I use a 2x4, and a wooden shim, and put the 2x4 against the frame, with the shrouds off, and CAREFULLY pry the reinforcement back to shape. The cooling rows usually follow the end plate back within reason. Invest in some radiator guards!!

I rode with mine bent and dented in for about 4 months - until the heat of summer started worrying me. Take a look at getting yours fixed before buying a new one. Myler's fixed mine up for $35, and it was quick. Their # is 801-280-8040.




My left radiator was bent so bad once there wasnt any gaps between the ribs. I took a screw driver and stuck it through then pulled like hell and it hasnt leaked since.

Its amazing the abuse they will take.


Sounds like it'll be okay until I decide to pull it an get if fixed. My buddies coming down next weekend to ride, otherwise I'd send it off this week. Thought about trying to unbend it some, but it'll probably start leaking and postpone my riding.

Thanks for the info


Call Mylers Radiator repair. they will fix this thing right & they are very reasonable. They fixed mine for 40$. Phone # in the back of all dirtbike magazines

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