CRF 450 Valves

Does anyone know of a place that has aftermarket valves in stock? I have talked to RHC and Ferrea. Everyone is 4 or 5 days out. Any ideas would be great.

Mike. :)

I saw some valve sets on ebay.

Call Mike at Engine Dynamics, he might have some Kibblewhite valves in stock.



i have intake valves in stock all the time im just out of ex valves at the moment when did you talk to me.


I must have misunderstood you. I am sorry. I also have the motor torn down and notice that one valve is longer than the other on the intake side. I am glad that it did no damage to the piston or the head. A little background on the situation; I have been having a valve lose clearance after about every 5 hours of riding. It is only one of the intake valves. Can I replace just the intakes with the stainless steel valves or should I use stock? I just don't have a whole lot to spend at the moment.. otherwise I would replace all four with your valves, springs and such...... (new water pump for my daily driver or valve kit for bike? Girlfriend says water pump in truck! I don't agree!!! )




I just put in RHC intakes only. Stock exhaust. Bike runs great. I'd have the seats touched up and matched to the SS valves for sure though.

the cheap way would be to put in 1 new ti valve but its not going to last any longer than it did before .

thanks guys

Mike :)

Ok where do you get intake only vavle springs, etc w/o buying the whole kit exhaust and intake etc also do you have phone numbers or email addresses for the suppliers thanks for the help I have an 02 with intake problems , the exhaust are fine

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