HP Question

So got the title to my '05 in the mail yesterday. Claimed weight, 206.743, awwwheeyaaaa, just the way I like 'em, lean and mean.

The title claim's 42.0 HP on this sucker, I thought it was supposed to be like 36 or 38 hp :) . It definately rides the same if not better than my KXF ever did, it had 42HP.

Just curious if anyone knows for sure.


Dodger :)

Yep, about 31-32hp. I have heard some claim 34hp for the 05 YZF. Let's put it this way a done out motor from Pro Circuit puts out 40-42HP. Where it boosts a lot is the torque.Actually some 125 two strokes done out and stock make more HP!!! IE. KTM. :)

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