A Little Irony

So my brand spankin' new 2005 is supposed to arrive on my doorstep next week from Oklahoma. I've got all the goodies waiting for it, about $2000 worth of skid plates, triple clamps, dampers, desert tanks, etc. So I get a call from my doctor today asking if I'd like to move my appointment up to this Friday as he has to go out of town on some urgent deal and he won't be able to accomodate me at my originally scheduled time. I'd have to wait at least 2 or 3 months to get another slot. "Now what's the big deal?", you ask. Well, I'm getting a vasectomy 'cuz we're done with the having of children thing. According to the doc, I won't be able to even think about riding for about 2 or three weeks following the "procedure", so I'll have this nice, beautiful, tricked out doorstop in my garage, taunting me. Now, I know I can just reschedule and try and play it safe with the wife for a few months, but I figure a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush...no pun intended. Just thought I'd relay this funny little anecdote to y'all. Hope you got a laugh out of it, I know I did :) ...SC

I think your Doc wants you to take it easy, I was riding two weeks after with no problem. BlacknBlue Thumper went out after 3 or 4 days, I am not sure but maybe that is how he got his name :) Play it by ear and don't push it if the boys are sore. Good Luck

Man up and buy the SDG tall seat with the cushy foam :)

Lets see...a new ride, or well, anyway.....

I am afraid that after 15 years of marriage I would have to find someone to fill in for me at home.

The day after I had mine, I went to a football game. Two days later, I went to step class (don't laugh - it's good exercise, and the women are hot where I go). Everything was ok till I tried jumping jacks. I probably extended my recovery time by a few days by rushing it.

By the way, are you planning on having your wife in the room when they do it? Mine was there. The doctor thought it was funny when I asked if it was appropriate for her to kiss my fertility goodbye before the procedure. For some reason, she didn't think it was all that funny.

One bad thing during mine. Without going into all of the logistics, the doctor goes in one place, but does each side. The first side went fine, but he didn't deaden the other side, so I felt it when he clipped whatever he clipped. Very, very bad pain. I didn't think the doctor moved nearly quickly enough to fix that little problem, but he did get it done.

I spent the rest of the day with ice on my package, watching movies on DVD. Not too bad, really.

The worst part about the whole thing is that you have to bring back samples so they can be sure that you're firing blanks. Sorry, but there's no way to feel cool dropping off that little paper bag. Hopefully, your wife will help you get the sample. Mine wasn't handy when I needed her for that.

Have fun, and take a few days off. It will save you recovery time later.

Get er dun on Friday. Spend all day Friday and Saturday watching TV and ice the hell out of your sweets. Take it easy, dont do anything but Ice, Ice, Ice. By Sunday you should get up and move around alittle. Monday do a regular day, unless you do heavy work. I am a drywaller and didnt work until Tuesday, and was hanging rock that day. Thursday I rode, not hard, but I rode. It was fine other than the stitches made me feel like a had a porcupine in my shorts :D:) . I came home that night and got out the clippers and removed the stitches :p . Good luck and have a blast with that awesome new bike and all the goodies you got to go with it. :) Also, wear a jock---it helps too. I wore mine for about a week.

Skyraider, the same thing happened to me. One side went fine, one side hurt like hell. The hurt side took way longer to heal. The other side never did hurt. By the way, off topic sorry, but didnt Zach Thomas play at Texas Tech, your avitar, he is one of my favorite all time players. :) Big Davey, that was pretty funny, the blacknblue comment. Good one. :p:)

The hot ticket...a pediatric urologist! At the same time my son was born, my daughter was having some unrinary tract issues. We decided that two was enough and that I would get my wings clipped. Asked my daughter's urologist to do the deal. He was unbelievably gentle, I had no pain during the procedure, and very little after. Got it done on Friday, iced all weekend, and was back to work on Monday and coaching and playing soccer on Tuesday. I found bicycle shorts (with the crotch pad) worked better than a jock for me. I wasn't riding then, but am confident that I could be by the next weekend.

Get clipped, and use the recovery time to put all that cool stuff on the doorstop. By the time you're done, the jewels will be polished and ready to rumble.

Yes, Zach Thomas is a former Red Raider. If you're a Dolphins fan, Wes Welker and Sammy Morris are also former Red Raiders. Zach was a lot of fun to watch in college. Not big, not particularly fast - just a great football player. Wes is probably my favorite Texas Tech football player of all time.

Back to "Testicle Talk."

Steve, funny stuff... I say get it over with and spend two weeks putting all your stuff on your bike.. Good things come with a little patients. (pardon the pun) :) Dan

Say, any of you guys who've been "clipped" know if you have to be married to have the procedure covered under your medical insurance? Also, I noticed that there are two ways to have the procedure done nowadays, there's the standard scalpel version & some kind of "piercing" type thing, I believe the only real difference is how the Dr. "enters the bag".

It depends completely on your insurance. Mine covers it regardless of marital status. Out of pocket for me is around $150. A single buddy of mine had it done several months ago and there was no problem. Sometimes it depends on the doc as well. My doc said he wouldn't do it unless my wife agreed, but when I told him she wouldn't be able to come in because she'd be taking care of our second kid who'e 3 weeks old, he said there wouldn't be an issue if I put her on the phone real quick so she could confirm...SC

I had the wife fixed after she gave birth to our son. She was hearing Pink Floyd from all of the Demorol they gave her was agreeing to anything!

Life is good :):)


Hang on for a few months ... there is something a lot better coming.

Read this ...

VANCOUVER — A Vancouver company has been awarded $1.4 million US by the U.S. National Institutes of Health to conduct human clinical trials on a male contraceptive, it was announced on Sunday.

The 18-month trial by Shepherd Medical Company will conduct semen analysis and study side effects of the Intra Vas Device which is permanently implanted in the vas deferens of the ***** to block sperm flow.

The device is a flexible, hollow, silicone plug inserted into the vas deferens tubes, said company co-founder Dr. Neil Pollock in a news release.

Preliminary studies in primates and humans have shown that the device has the potential to be as effective as vasectomy, the company said.

The preliminary studies on primates have also supported that the device could be easily removed and sperm flow re-established.

Currently, trying to reverse a vasectomy is precarious and very expensive with pregnancy rates at only 50-60 per cent, Pollock said.

Shepherd Medical was founded in 1999 to create and commercialize the world's first implantable and reversible male contraceptive device that could help shift the burden of contraceptive responsibility from women to men.

The device is implanted in a simple outpatient procedure under local anesthetic in a doctor's office.

The procedure involves entering the vas deferens tubes much like during a vasectomy, except rather than cutting and cauterizing the tubes and permanently damaging them, only a small opening is made in each tube to insert the plugs.

The company said the device can later be removed in a similar procedure to its insertion, re-establishing sperm flow.

Shepherd believes the device has potential as an alternative to standard vasectomy with a predicted $310 million US annual market in the United States alone.

The company will release more information about the trials on Monday.

Hey Steve, just a thought. Your welcome to have the new WR dropped off here in Fallon, I'll take real good care of that blue ride. Go easy on the jewels! :)

There ain't much fun in this procedure. With mine the doc left a bleeder in the left side and swelled bigger than my steering stabilizer. Cover the blue with a tarp so you don't have to see it. After all, your package will resemble your bike--Black & Blue

Just jump in and git-r-done. This whole procedure is totally, um, overblown (sorry). It's no big deal. The scariest part for me was when the doc told me to shave myself (sack). I figured, screw it, let the doc yell. He's the expert. Let him get down there with the razor. There's no way I'm going down there with a bic and risking "nicks & cuts." So he yelled at me, then did a better job than I would have.

The whole thing is over in less than 20 min. It feels like you have a set of shoelaces in there that you never knew about. He pokes in a hook, pulls out the lace, cuts it, ties it in a bow and stuffs it back in. Done!

Then you get to goof off for the rest of the day and have your wife bring you cocktails while you watch TV all day.

BTW - Beware about the "samples" later on. Although you're following your doc's instructions by bringing them in, your insurance sees that as voluntary and doesn't pay for it ($50 test). I guess they figure they paid the doc to do it right, so why test? It's worth $50 to make sure you don't get any surprises. You'd never know it if the shoe came untied. :)

Good for you for doing it. It's way easier than what your wife would have to go through to have her tubes tied.

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