squeaky shock

the rear shock on my ttr125le is squeaking a little, but it seems to be getting a bit worse. nothing that would bother the average person.. but i hate stuff that makes noise that isn't supposed to.. what can i do


Sounds like you need to replace all your pivot bushings. Eventually they go out do to the enviroment.

Good Luck, KaBooM

My wifes TTR 125 had a squeeky rear suspension when we bought it used.

I took the rear shock off and the linkage apart, cleaned and regreased everything, put it back together and it's quiet. The previous owner rode it in the sand a lot, so the linkage pivots were a little gritty. There was no damage to any of the parts. When you take it apart; inspect and replace any worn out parts, grease everything and it will be fine :)

ok... good. i heard, that if it was squeaky, then the rod or something had been scratched and it was no good.. so just grease bearings and linkage. :)


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