BAHA 250 Anyone ? FREE RIDE !!!!!

Lost my partner for the 250, wife wouldn't let him go. I just got back from pre run and will be heading back on the 22nd of Feb. Race is on the 26th. Pick up your half of the entry and everything else ( Bike, tires,sat phones, fuel, toyhauler to sleep in) are on me. I really want to run this race, but there is no way I can ride this 250 alone. Course is very demanding.

check yer pm.


NICK ANGEL(949)285-8232 :)

My User Information Says I Am From Delaware But That Is Wrong. I Am Form California And Only About 1 Hour Form The Border. I Ride There All The Time. Give Me A Call Asap

Nick Angel (949) 285-8232

Wife won`t let him???.......mmmm......

Damm................Would love to race the SCORE SF250....

But im so out of shape, ahh damm university keg partys and carnes asadas, i think i will last 50 miles. Well next time....Imagine going against Campbell/Hengveld, Norman/Bell, Dempsey/Childress, and Team KTM what a Slug fest...Dude the best of safe and have fun...

DRZ Motorsports 119

Erick Durazo

If I wasn't going to school after work I would do it. I just did a 550 mile Trailboss tour to San Felipe, Mike's....... I just haven't had the money to do another race after the 1000 2 years ago. I guess I'm stuck doing 100 mile MRANN races when the snow melts.

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