Pipe replacements and engine status Question

Believe this or not but I took my '04 'S' model to the District 13 Races in Elizabeth City, NC and during the practice runs I made during in the C&D classes, I reasoned it may help extend my life some if I can stay out from under the wheels of my predisessors. A Big Yosh seems to fit the bill, since it offers a little extra boost, right? However, I do have a carb. question: If I drain my wallet, and steal my kids lunch money, hoc their toys, etc., and put a full yosh header and silencer on it, would I have to have it rejetted (the carb re-jetted)? I'd like to think I wouldnt have to. :)

Yes. Otherwise you have just waisted your kids lunch money. You need to rejet for the pipe and do a few other things to take advantage of the freer flowing pipe.

If you haven't yet you need to re-jet anyway, they come from the factory way lean. If you have an S with the mikuni carb go with the dyno-jet kit, if you have an E/K with the fcr go with the James Dean kit.

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