Disk Brake Guard....?

I broke the stock plastic (white) guard for the rear disk this weekend - any reccomendations for a good aftermarket one?

Cheers, Scrubber

i love my devol:


(or clicker here )

I have a Pro Moto Billet which is sweet :)

Why screw around? Just get the Scotts :)


Scotts :)


The others do fine, until the tabs that they mount to that are welded to the swingarm(same tabs the plastic piece mounted to)break off.

I noticed your avitar. Is it from LOMAC?

Thanks, will look into Scott's - got the most votes.

LOMAC? Not familiar.

Thanks, will look into Scott's - got the most votes.

Scotts :)

My tricked out XR250/280 came with a Scott's rear disc guard already installed and I'd researched the market and installed a new one on My KDX previously.

The best engineered and strongest rear disk brake guard you can get for your bike!! Well worth the money!!:):p:D


Well, mine will be your only vote for staying away from the sharkfin and replacing it with the oem plastic guard. The oem guard is a high quality plastic designed to absorb impacts and to keep the rear rotor from getting gouged. My guess is that your rear rotor is still in good shape after the encounter. It did it's job.

Same goes for the stock chain guide - nothing on this planet works better than the stock XR chain guide - takes a hit, bounces back and lasts for years and years. You wrap that chain guide in aluminum and when you take a hit from a boulder - the aluminum bends and now the chain guide is trying to derail your chain. FYI - all the top off-road guys in europe used to remove the aluminum from around the CR guide for this reason.

- jeff

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