Good place to buy chain and sprokets cheap

Smokin and I are looking at getting some new spokets and a chain for his xr250. We were wanting to know if you could use a non oring chain on his bike? Even if you would get one that has the same strength of an oring. Also where do you guys order your sprokets from? Most of the time I just order out of RockeyMountain but I want to try something differnt. Any ideas? Im asking all these questions because Im babysitting :):) smokin's bike and doing some maintance and repairs on it for our next ride.

Looking for great parts and reasonable prices checkout

PARTS UNLIMITED chains are kinda cheap. and some JT sprockets. If I was buying the chain and sprockets seperately(not as a kit) I would get a moose front sprocket. The are top notch and the same price or cheaper than anyothers. about $15.

Get an me.

Motosport Outlet has:

Did O-ring and steel sprockets $99.95

Did O-ring and Renthal sprockets $129.95

Did O-ring and Ironman steel sprockets $159.95

Free shipping over $100.

I'd get either of the steel combos, and use the Ironman myself. You'll want to add another item to the $99.95 combo to get over $100 and free shipping.

ANother vote for rockymountain.

you can get the whole set, chain + sprockets for about $80.

Guys, check out

I got my chain and sprockets from there almost three years ago and I'm still on them. It was pretty cheap when I got them. under $100 for the chain and sprocket.

RK X-ring (same as O-ring), a Sprocket Specialist hardened mx rear (really light and I have little wear so far and I ride some sloppy stuff) and Primary Drive steel front from RockyMtn.

ROCKYMOUNTIAN sorry if i spell it wrong but there cheap and will be at ur front door step in 3 or 4 days

Another vote for rockymountain.

Only thing I don't like about RockyMTN is they only carry "Primary Drive" branded kits......but they are "cheap".


How did the front sprocket fit?


How did the front sprocket fit?

I had no issues at all with fit. Probably have about 1500-2000 miles on the set up. Might be time for a new one next winter after, but I'll go the riding season for sure.

I would definately go with an o-ring chain. Another vote for Rocky Mountain MC. Primary Drive sprockets are great for the money. I have never used the chains but I bet the chain would be fine also.

another vote for rocky mtn. renthal sprockets and chains are what i prefer. :)

I'd go with Motosport Outlet as mentioned before. Their chain sprocket combos are $69.95 for the cheap ones. They seem to be very competative on all of their merchandise. Free shipping on $100+ orders. They don't even have stock numbers because all of their employees ride=VERY knowledgeable staff and FAST shipping. I try to order from them for everything I can because of their service.

Try them, you won't be disappointed.


Not sure about their sprocket prices but or same site sell every possible combo of teeth front and rear and im sure they also sell chains. Again I don't know about sprocket prices but they have one of the best xr pipes for the money. :)

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