04' yz250f+262cc. Big Bore kit

How does this sound- a 2004 yz250f+262cc. Big Bore Kit

I want to do this so I can race both 125cc. and 250cc. I don't want to get a 450 because that is to much power for me. I want a gain in low to mid which I heard this kit does. From what I have heard this would be legal in both classes correct me if I'm wrong. Does this sound like a good Idea. thanks in advance.

Sounds like a great idea to me.

I dont think you can race a 250F in the 250cc class if it's an ama mx. And the opposite is true with the Harescrambles, you cant ride a 250f in the 125 class.

But the 262 kit is not enough to keep up with 450's. You also need a set of cams, and intake and exhaust work. Or you could just ride a scooter if your pro level and beat them anyhow. :)

Do you think a 262 would compete against 250 2 strokes, especially on the starts in vet classes(25, 30, 40 plus)?

Around here you can race a 262 in the 250 class, a buddies kid is doing it.

I have buddies that go nuts over the 250F until they race it and the 250 2 strokes and the 450 4 strokes stomp it in the first turn. They can't make up the lost ground easily. 2 guys tried the RPM 302 kits but exploded them on a regular basis.

I have an 05 250F with a 262 kit and Hotcams. Stock the bike was slow. I only rode it modified once up and down the street until winter hit. It felt fast but I don't see it staying with a 250 2 stroke or a 450.

Maybe a lighter guy could get it into the first turn better, most of my buddies that race the vet class are big boys. I'm 210.

If I wanted to bring home trophies in the vet class I would get a Yamaha 250 2 stroke.

A lot of getting the holeshot is the rider. I have a kid that rides a rmz250 or his crf250 and he will get the holeshot 19 out of 20 times riding against 250 two smokes and 450's. He just gets off the gate really fast and has great clutch controll!! :)

I have 2, 04 yz250f's with the 262 kit and cams from hotcams in them with intake and exhaust mods. Both can out run my 05 yz450f. So it is possible to compete with the 05 450's at least as they really toned down their acceleration hit.

Sounds like a good idea, you can never have enough power. From my experience one of the best modifications and the best bang for the $$ was having my suspension revalved for my weight and riding style. You'll be very surprised with the improved handling and how much faster you'll be able to ride over the same track obstacles after your suspension work. :)

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