Rear shock s-model on e-model

due to my weight i wanted to put a s-model rear shock on my e-model just wanted to know if they will interchange,was going to replace whole shock and not just the spring.thanks dave. :)

Yes they interchange. What year "E" do you have and what year "S" shock will you put on? They all intercgange but there are year differences in adjustments. A spring change is probably a better solution unless you have an old "E" and a newer "S" shock for it.

i have a 2002-e and the shock i was going to put on is a 2003-s model,i though just the springs are different not the shock.

any help for this question?

I think by 03, the "S" shock had all the up-grades. Sounds good to go.

thanks for the help,took a look at the 03-s model shock and it has no adjustable rebound or compression damping,i thought all models had this just didn't pay attention boy do i feel dumb :)

Sounds like its not an 03 shock then.

it came off a 2003 klx400-a1,is this not right.

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