what weight is stock suspension set for

I weigh 150 lbs. and have not done anything to my suspesion front or back [04 wr 250f]. What would you people suggest? Where should I start? Thanks Paul.

im pretty sure the yz250f is set for 160lbs stock not too sure about the wr250f but its prolly about the same

I'm about 145 and the sstock settings worked awesome. I think I'm 1 turn on compression instead of 1.25 on the rear though.

I'm 140lbs and have the YZ250F. I replaced the springs on both my 2002 and 2005, made the biggest difference. I had ridden with stock for a year(on my 2002) and thought it was fine, but I decided to try the recommended springs and it made the world.

For you question, on the WR, it probably sprung for about 160lbs like someone mentioned earlier. Check with race tech or factory connection etc for your springs. :)

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