Plated my WR today!

Got my plate today and rode about 20 miles. The weather was great 65-70 degrees. Anyone who lives in Indiana should try to plate their bike, it was a piece of cake.

In the words of a well known Australian Politician " Please Explain" What the hell is plating your bike ???? If you are referring to getting the bike road registered, why would that be a difficult thing in the first place given you have a WR

Yes he means getting the bike road registered.Unfortunately over here in North America we don't have our bike's come road ready ,they have no signal lights, brake light switch's or hi low beam switch's. :)

Interesting, you learn something new everyday. What is the reason behind this ???

I have no idea,not even an option have to go aftermarket stuff. :)

Interesting, you learn something new everyday. What is the reason behind this ???

The reason behind WRs not being road ready in the US? It's because they don't meet the emissions standards, and even if they did, Yamaha doesn't try to have them certified. If they were made to meet the standards, they would be slower, heavier, and much harder to start, unless fuel injected. Or did you mean why did he have it "plated"?

Croz your avatar is scary as hell... i started reading a post and BAM saw jesus in a crotch with a headband on and now i cant remember what the topic was... :)

riphonda, I apologise for scaring you. Imagine seeing that for real on a first date. Now that would be scary.

In reply to treehopper, your emmission laws must be way over the top compared to here in Aus. Over here we get the WR with all required lighting and to be honest the WR is no where near as slow as what I here from the guy's in the US. Sure we do all the mods as well and they certainly make a difference but not to the extend that I see described by the US guy's.

Another thing that I have never experienced is the bogging issues that everyone seems to have problems with. I know a few guy's over here and none of them experience these issues. What do you think the differences may be ???? :):)

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