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Overheating WR

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Today the weather was great and the the temp. was about 54 degrees. I was riding my 2001 WR250f at my buddies house. Most of the trails were tight and pretty muddy but we also had some nice wide open trails along a gas line. On one of the tight trails we were stopped waiting for someone and I thought that i smelled anti-freeze and asked my buddy if he smelled it but he said he did not. Later on another one of the tight trails my bike felt like it was running hot and it started to steam around the carb and the back of the engine. I also noticed the anti-freeze in the reservoir was bubbling and very hot. Then I was able to get in a filed and run it fast at low RPMs and it seemed to run fine after that. When i got home and started to wash my bike I noticed that the reservoir was completely empty. When my dad and I went over the bike later we checked the radiator and it was almost full just about an inch below the top. We followed the hoses and could not find any apparent leaks. Please post any ideas or past experiences with a problem similar to this.

Thanks in Advance,

Andrew 🙂

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