washes closed at glamis

i just talked to my buddy and i guess he heard that the washes at glamis are closed. he heard that they found one of those rare tortoise's and now the washes are closed. this is really recent. like last couple days at the most. is this true? thanks for the help.

Ever wonder if some of those endangered species suddenly found in areas like this were 'relocated' there by someone just to be conviently found so they could shut down access to the area? :)

I have not heard anything about that, you might want to go to the www.GlamisOnline.org message board and ask. OHV users did recently win a victory in regards to opening up closed areas in Glamis.

I'll be there early next week so I hope not. What area do they consider "washes". Is it opposite side of Gecko road from the dunes?

There getting closed from 6 and on, my uncles friend is down there this week, they already have gates up and everything from what he said, its a real shame ,because i was at Glamis the weekend the kids were killed on the tracks last year ,its a shame that the parents were to drunk and hung over to pay attention to their kids , now look at the famlies, their trying to sue the RR for 37mill, no objects even money could bring there kids back because of their stupid mistake, thats not the only reason why the washes are being closed but it plays a big part....its people like this who get the dunes closed, iv been going to the dunes for my whole life, and have seen so many bad things, but one of the worst things to me is when off-roaders sue and get places closed an ruin it for the rest of us and the future generation of riders..... hopefully Glamis will still be there for a long time to come...

....R.I.P all the lives lost at the Sand Capitol Of The World....

keep on keeping on:ride: