yz400 wheel to fit yz426?

will a yz400 wheel fit a yz426? how about a 250f? or 125-250 2 smokes? which of these wheels will fit? thanks for the help.

99-present interchange on the rear.

Keep in mind that 02+ use a 245mm rotor vs the earlier 240mm unit. Direct swap there with just the rotor.

Also the 125 and 250F use a 1.85" rear rim, where the 250/400/426/450 use a 2.15" rear rim.

but i can fit a 100-90 19 rear tire on a 2.15" rim and put it on a 250f right?

why? run the 110 size tire on the 250F.

didnt even think about that. i was just asking for my friend whos got a 250f. he's looking for a complete rear wheel to have one sand and one dirt set up. thanks for the info.

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