Stupid ? but i can't figure it out.

Where is the pilot screw? Is it on the same side as the idle speed, or under the carb or where? i have a slight miss at idle that i don't like, i haven't played with the carb yet as i am not sure if i should do that now or wait a little while, being new i don't want to stuff it up.

I know there is alot of info on it if i search but no one actually says where it is. And the manual doesn't show a good picture.

Very stupid i know but please help.

:) there is a round hole at the bottom of the float bowl,

speak to me like the dumba$$ that i am. Talk me through it please. Eg: Stand on the right side of the bike, bend down etc.

I really cannot figure it out without the thing sitting in front of me.

right above the clutch actuating arm theres a fairly large nut on the bottom of the bowl right in front of that is a hole maybe 1/4 inch dia.its in their

Thank you Fester, i will have a look at that tonight. I think i know where you mean. :)

On pre-2005 models the pilot screw is accessed from the underneath side of the card right in front of the float bowl. But i think i read somewhere on thumper talk that the 2005 models have a plug in the hole that has to be removed before you can access the pilot screw????

Gee i hope not, i can't even find the screw let alone the cover that is hiding it. :)

The manual just shows a pic pointing to where it is and says adjust, nothing about a cover.

Mine didn't have a plug. It was just like the older models, in front of the float,in the bowl recessed hole. Better accessed from the left side make sure the tool you are using actually sits in the groove or you can damage it.Good luck,mate. :)

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