Info on Light Speed Carbon Fiber Frame Guards

Anybody out there have any experience with the carbon fiber frame guards from Light Speed? I put a set on this weekend. They mount with the subframe bolts. I was hesitant to torque them down all the way, afraid they would crack. I put the bolts on with blue Loctite, but they were loose (not falling out) after about 20 miles of riding. Anybody know an appropriate torque setting or should I switch to red Loctite or a special bolt/stud to secure the subframe and frame guard separately? :)

I wouldn't skimp on your subframe torque settings. I've bought some Carbon Fiber Works frame guards and they say specifically that you can torque the bolts to the correct value. I haven't installed them yet, so I can't tell you for sure.

Torque them down, they will be fine....

I was able to contact Light Speed directly. They say torque to specs, warranty for breakage. :)

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