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reworked 02

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put in stage 1 cam,04 piston,RHC porting with ssvalves and springs both intake and exhaust-takes 5 or more kicks to start when cold,harder to kick over(might be higher compresion) doesn't need hot start to start when hot(even though it will fire right up without it when hot which it has never done).valve are right on spec as well as decompresion and the timing appears to be correct.other than a differant starting routine trhis thing is unbelievable,finally had a dry day to try it out at a buddies small lot/improvised riding area , the ground was a little damp from a rain 2 to 3 days ago and i tried to run it in a higher gear to get some traction and it still spun fronm corner to corner-cant wait to get it on the track

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