2 Wheel drive, Is it actually for real?

Many of you probably saw the article in Dirt Rider magazine this winter on the 2 wheel drive prototype WR. While the idea has been around awhile, it actually looks like the set-up made for it might work. Has anyone heard any new rumors or news?

Google man, Google!

You can buy one right now from the cycle broker link on this site, he imports them from Europe.

it won dakar so why not sell it...

Well it certainly isn't a new concept, especially for Yamaha, I remember in the mid to late '80's Yamaha running a 2 wheel drive prototype YZ 250 in some European GP's, or at least testing them at some of the European tracks............can't remember for sure.

At any rate, it's been around for a long time.

Later, Jason

austrailian yamaha motor corp has it i hope it comes to the states

It is really cool but I still like the way things are right now. Let's face, there is nothing like a rear-wheel drive car or bike for that matter. I love having the power to break the rear wheel(s) free and trying to control it. I'll take a rear-wheel drive car over any of the all-wheel drive cars (WRX, Porsche). http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=1747753&noquote=1#

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Ignore the link, that was a mistake.

It's for real and it's SWEET! I can't WAIT to try one myself! Not looking forward to the increased maintenance, but hey it's got to be fun to ride!

Try this site: www.christini.com

They have both mountain bikes and dirtbikes.

just a question, if two out of the two wheels are spinning, then how would you be able to rotate your bike in the air considering the fact that when you whack the throttle, both wheels spin. I seriously hope AWD doesnt hit big for us motocross guys. I like roosting the people behind me thank you.

Do some research on the 2trac model. It has been discussed in the WR forums.

Only 15% of the power max can be transmitted to the front wheel.

The bike is a $4500 option on top of the price of a new WR at the time of the press release. Limited production for the states.

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