Frost Bite Pics?

There were a lot of spectators.....anyone on here take some pics from the race Sunday?

i have pics and a video on the way. due to the circumstances the pics aren't quite what i would have liked (gf was doing the shooting with me trying to "give" advice), but better than noyhing :)

may take me a little while to get them up, things are slow going right now :)

Yeah Trav. and if the G/F read your post, I'll bet you're pretty busy with "other" things too. :p:):)


I took some video Saturday but due to the weather it was minimal. Scott Shirey was there with a video, helmet cam and a regular camera. Do you know how to get ahold of Scott, he's doesn't have email.

Scott might be in the book, I think he lives in the Kent area.

William Banks also had a helmet cam. Don't know how to get ahold of him, though.

Nice Trav!

Is this you here in attack mode?


that's colin :)

Sweet someone got my holeshot! Nice pics Trav!

that's colin :)

Cool pic. Any action shots of you in there?

Frost bite????????????? wheres the cold weather

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