YZ250f vs. KX250f

Whats the difference between these bikes?

color, manufactuer, whats your point.

Nice answer, Art! Why even reply? Hey B2B, I'm not real informed on the KX250F but I can tell you that the YZ engine has a much better track record, no pun intended....... go to the YZ forum and ask your question with a little more detail and the replies should be much more informative....


The kx250f's had a lot of problems last year (cooling, valves, suspension, etc.) But I heard that their 05 models were awesome. I have a 02 yz250f and it still runs great. Both are great bikes but like chiefsfan.58 said yamaha has the good track record so its your choice.

Hey B2B, For power and durabillity go blue maintenance is not as bad. yamaha has something fiquered out over the other manufactures with the valve train. Yes they have 5 valves and that can help but you don't see those people taliking about valves all the time. Everyone I know that has a yzf loves it, suspension may beat you up, but you can always get the fixed. Good Luck

I have a 2001 yz 250f the bike is 4 yrs old finally did a top end job .Everything was in spec except I needed to replace the middle intake valve that was it.While I had it apart I put a 262 kit in it .The only thing I did was adjust the valves and oil changes .So when I buy new bike next year it will be another yamaha just afraid another brand will be a maintence nightmare .Thats my 2 cents .I will stick to something that proven till the other manufactures have a tested and true product Rick

Whats the difference between these bikes?

Coming off of a KXF to an '05 YZ250F, not a ton difference as far as I can tell. Power actually feels the same, but I'm actually liking the YZ motor better.

What I'm hopeing is different, is the reliability. In 6 months I had to reshim 4 times on the one left intake, and replaced it once on my KX. I loved the bike, the suspension was awsome, as was the motor, but I want to ride my bikes more than wrench on them. Last thing I want to worry about is if my bike is going to get me back up over a mountain to get back to my truck without the valve closing up on me.

Just my experience, others have had little to no problems :)

they are both good bikes but you will spend more time in the garage with the kx250f than you will with the yz250f...... there has been 5 yz250fs there is only 2 kx250fs from what i hear some ppl who have older yz's from 4 years ago, do less than half the work some ppl have to do to a kx250f with 15hours on it i personally have not rode the kx250f i have a yz250f and it is by far the sweetest bike i have ever rode

Is it just me or are there alot of yzf riders on this post site,not complainin mind you just curious,

I have the 2004 YZ250f and was looking for an 05. I would defiantly keep my 04 YZ250f if I got 05 yami or kawi/suzuki. If I got the Kawi I would put the ProCurcuit GP pipe, icat, TI valves and springs, defiantly get suspension done (on either bike), twin air filter , and get some handlebars. I was wondering what would be a funner bike (YZ250f or KX/RM250f with mods)?

Hey Art this post came up on the home page for awhile so many riders got to see it. As you know many opinions on this site and many are helpful.

totally agree, just occasionally somebody gets off track and wants to slam another manufactures bike to stir chit up, just guarding the gates to kxf and rmz stardom.

I rode both and my team mate raced both. I love my yz125, but when i rode the 04 yzf250, it was great, but top heavy and had a lot of engine brake (that i don't like). The motor pulled really hard on top, but it seemed that my kaw pulls harder out of corners. The yz is 2" taller, on both seat and motor placement. The kawi feels more planted in corners to me and the suspension seems to work better for me. Reliability, i haven't had problems with my kaw or heard of any with the yami either. I change the oil every ride, i do'nt over-rev, and i check the valves every 8 hours.

I would say basically ride both and see which one fits you and your riding style. I like the feel of my kxf, but the yzf has a better motor and is a great bike. I still choose the kxf because i'll take the lack of motor over the fact that im' more comfortable on the bike.

I almost got the KX250f the valve problems scared me away from all the 250f's tho im kinda happy i didnt get it tho... i sat on one nd i didnt like how it felt cause i have really long legs and its seat is lower so i wud feel cramped while riding..... i was so close to getting it to nd it bothers me im so curious to compare the bikes i really hope one of my friends get one like he says he is

i have an rmz 250 05 same as kxf and like it a lot. i heard that yamaha didnt really put that much time into making there four strokes as other manufacturers this year. the yzf is suppose to have a great motor but is lacking in the suspension chassi area. i think in 06 they will make huge changes to the yzf and make it a whole lot better :)

The difference between the bikes is 100%. Not one thing is the same.

If your debating between getting a KXF or a YZF, save yourself some money in the long run and get the Yamaha. Its faster, and more reliable...bar none.


I ride an 04 KX 250F. Have had it for a few months now. Love the bike, but still haven't got the stock suspension dialed in yet.

We road for about six hours in the woods and rough, rocky terrain last weekend. The front suspension is pretty brutal after awile.

I keep softening it up, but I'm only four clicks away from being totally soft on the compression.

I weigh about 160 lbs, and have the sag set at 100 mm

Any suggestions regarding the stock Kayaba suspension?

The blue ones run. The yellow/green ones don't.

Just my take having had both.


'05 YZF

'04 RMZ w/SS valves (for sale)

Now Tex that hurt, Iv'e only had mine since november of 03 and I finally installed a piston in it, and shes still purring like a kitten, as a matter of fact we have only had one valve failure out of all 3 of our bikes, still running factory valves, springs and buckets. Green ones turn, blue ones turn like an xr600.


Any suggestions regarding the stock Kayaba suspension?

for woods riding it is too stiff. check to see if your spring rates are ok for your riding style. www.racetech.com has a chart that helps. definately change the oil, stock oil in the shock and forks is only good for about 10-15 hours and then it's crap. Put some quality 5wt in there. You might even look into a revalve. Best thing i've ever done for my bike.

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