Front Rim Cheesed

Yes a little bit-O-hooliganism, with some tank slappers! My front rim seems to be a 'S' shape. I did hit a rock with a bit of speed. I've read about the rear rim being made of "Siliconized Aluminum" or somthing like that which is supposed to be much stonger and lighter than "Reg-Aluminum". My rear rim is as staight as an arrow, and also has required much less spoke tightening than the front. This all leads me to beleive in the rear rim hype. Any knowledge on this? Or can I get the same quality front rim? Has anybody else found the CRF450-05 front rim to be cheesy?


Lovin my "New-bie". (Hey, I just retired my 1983 YZ490)

Guess nobody ever bent a rim! Seemed pretty easy to do!

I gots a cheeseless front from my '03 if you need one.

oh it happens


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