Anyone ride at Badlands? I am looking to make a trip soon there with my 7yr son and stay the weekend. if so how is it? the photos look fantastic.

Its located in attica IN few hours from Chicago.

It is a fun little play area. 1000 acres. Good all year around. Mainly pea gravel and sand. Lots of little hill climbs and some real muddy sections to avoid when wet conditions. I enjoy going out there for a few hours in the cold of winter since it is about an hour from Indy. You can ride on the sand and pea gravel even when it is frozen. You and your kid should have fun there for a weekend. You just need to explore the property and find all the tucked away play areas. Camping is primitive but OK if is not raining. :)

Thanks for the quick reply. We will probably stay at a hotel for the weekend.

My son is a beginner really only has experiance in the yard riding, I hope it has some easy spots for him to putter around or decent trails to follow me. We enjoy slow and easy style :)

would be cool to hook up with other people father/son combos to ride with. that would be a blast.



One word of warning - when you're back in the woods don't ride through any mud puddles that have water in them. They might be 4 inces deep or they might be 4 feet deep and swallow your kid. They allow Jeeps back there and those things dig some mighty deep holes that get filled with water. They can look deceptive.

Thanks for the heads up!

One word of warning - when you're back in the woods don't ride through any mud puddles that have water in them. They might be 4 inces deep or they might be 4 feet deep and swallow your kid. They allow Jeeps back there and those things dig some mighty deep holes that get filled with water. They can look deceptive.

I remember a couple years ago when a unfamiliar ATV rider tried to go through one of the famous deep mud holes that had 5 feet of water in it. He lost his wallet and cell phone in it trying to swim out. :) Took all day to try and get his atv out and they could not rake up his personals. Good advice be careful of all the watery mud holes. :)

If you are going to stay at a hotel....good luck. Attica really only has one. I get kind of bored riding there, after so long one sand hill looks like the other. It is good to get out and ride though :)

Well you probably get bored there becuase you've been there so many times. im sure a first timer would find it fun for a weekend no?

Do you know of a better place, with camp grounds?

If you want to camp your best bet is right at the park ( Badlands campground). There are no other nearby hotels or campgrounds. Attica is 35 miles from any real city or other campgrounds. :)

its only a 20 minute drive to lafayette. I used to work in attica while I went to purdue

I went to Badlands last year with my buddies, and I'm not sure I would bring my 7yr old there. It is really best for quads as it is very sandy and full of loose gravel. It might be too hard for him to ride there. I quess there are some areas that he would be ok, but make sure to keep an eye on him if its a busy weekend, it gets pretty hectic out there with all of the quads and jeeps buzzing around. Overall, it can be a fun place if its dry.

If it dries out the woods are pretty good. They do have a 100cc or smaller "track" right by the main building. I only live about 10 minutes away from Attica but usually only ride when it is too wet anywhere else.

I've only been to the Badlands once and it was pretty cool.

The day we went it was literally pouring out and we had a blast! :) All the hills are awesome for jumping and the trails we were on were insane due to the pouring rain.

I honestly think it was better because it was raining because the dunes were easy to get traction in and there was little to no people there. I've heard it gets pretty busy there on nice days and with the amount of blind hills and trails, I bet its not the safest place to ride.

yeah I was there last spring and it rained the day before. The trails in the woods, especially in the north east had this layer of glazed mud on top that was like riding on ice... twas quite an experience. Fun place though. those dunes are a blast :)

Thanks for the input guys. I think I may end up going to South Fork instead. Badlands doesnt seem like the best place for my son to experiance his first riding park.

He has really only got riding experiance in my 1 acre lot, and from the sounds of BL, it seems geared more towards the experianced rider.

South Fork on the other hand seems like a real nice place to bring him for a nice weekend getaway.

Thanks guys!


it sucks, the jeeps tore it up pretty bad. it's mostly mud bog and jeep trails. You can do it on quads but it's very hard to ride there on bikes. I live near attica and got tired of going there a couple years back when they stopped making it bike friendly.

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