CRF70 Frame Cradle/Brace

While searching for info on CRF70s, I ran across a skid plate that also clamped to the frame near the headstock, making it function as a frame brace at the same time. I can't find it now that I've decided to buy a new XR70.

Anyone know where this brace lives? (Am I better off just getting the sik50/precision above the engine style brace and a separate skid plate?)

While I've got your attention, anyone know of a complete tall foam seat for the 70?

I know, I've seen them too but for a 50 but now that I have a 50 I can't seem to find it any where!

Fineline Suspension

Found it again. It's listed for the CRF50, I've got an email in asking if it's been tested on a CRF70.

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