Off-road videos

Anybody got any they want to share? Woods, rocks, mud, etc...

This whole photo and video forum. Search for wmv or mpg and you will find tons.

i do but i dont know how to its of me at lorettas taking 3rd in supermini??!!!

The sickest off roading website that I found has alot of clips on the WORCS racing (world off road racing championships). I don't think that you can find a better site for videos. I think that it would only be wise to view the site if you have a fast connection speed because the videos take a while. But they are worth it....


Anybody got any they want to share? Woods, rocks, mud, etc...

this is what singletrack around here (NJ/PA) looks like...

warning to dial-up users: 52MB!

(props go to BF&S for that vid)!

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

Cool, that looks a lot like northern Minnesota! I wish I had my helmet camera out in Taylor Park Colorado - best trails I've ever been on!

OMG, i was scared Sh*tless, that whole video hahaha, i felt like i was riding the bike and was gonna hit a tree, hahaha

Pulseworks was a cool site. Once it gets moving it enjotable to watch. I have dsl and it froze most of the time. Computers !!!!

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