New to this Off Road Game

I have been reading here for a while and just got my 1st OR bike- I bought a new 04 WR450 a couple of weeks ago, and so far love it. I have been all of my motorcycle time a roadie- So here goes a couple of questions

1. I am getting ready to do the grey wire and throttle mod- I wanted to spend some time on this and try to figure the bike and trail riding out before I go and make it faster, I have read about the GYT-R insert- will it work- I got the bike home tonight and the stock insert came loose- I took it out and the spot where it attaches to the bolt is broken- So is it OK to leave that baffle out? and use the spark arrestor in? will it help the performance any?

2. I more than likely will not race, I have 180 miles on the bike already, after three rides, how often should I change the oil. It has to be more than 3,000 miles, I am 45 years old, and being my 1st dirt bike (My 300th childhood) I really do not plan on abusing this bike too much :)

So far this is an awesome bike- I belong to an off road club with about 1400 acres of land and more trails than you can ride in a day, only a few miles from my home so, I plan on riding this bike a couple of times a week, and for many years.any help or tips you can give me will be appreciated

Go to the 250f forum and read the sticky for new owners. Just about all the maintenance info applies to the 450s.

You should have changed your oil already. Read the manual. Enjoy your new ride.

Nice to see another Texas rider, what part?

Riding without the baffle will give you a lot more power but it will be loud. Promotobillet and GYT-R both make a good insert that is quiter but gives you more power than the stock insert.

As far as oil changes go on my YZ, I've found that when the oil starts to darken, turn grey, it is time to change the oil. If it is black you waited to long. The manual has some suggested intervals for the wr, but 3000 miles is way too long. More like 500 miles or less, I don't have my manual in front of me. All the experts here encourage frequent oil changes as the transmission and engine share the same oil.

I change my oil about every 200 to 300 miles, depending on how I ride. Contamination in the oil will kill the bike. Change it often and your bike will last a long time. Congrats on the new bike. Have fun. :)

Use the search tab for any questions you may have. More than likely, it has been discussed on this site at one time or another. This is a great site for information.

I use the FMF Q and I am happy with it sound wise, it probably doesn't make the most horsepower of some of the exhaust thats available but it sounds better than stock and its not to loud, I have used the GYTR insert also and thought it worked very well, but if you can't use it you may want to consider aftermarket. Have fun. 2003 WR 450

thanks- I really do not nee to worry too much about the loud issue- I am riding on private property, and there are some way loud bikes there- The dealer replaced the silencer under warranty, so I will ride without it there, and use the silencer if I go to state parks. I figured about 200-300 miles for the oil change- The dealer took it out and rode it 5 miles for me, and then changed the oil right away, so my plan was to go for 300 on this oil and change it out.

Texas4play , I live in the Killeen Area and work at Ft Hood.

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