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Suspension Question: MX-Tech, Pro-Action or PR2?

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I have a 2003 YZ250F with stock suspension and I am interested in having the suspension modified (i.e., revalved, different springs, etc.). I primarily ride tracks (65%) versus trails (35%) and will probabaly do some Vet C races this year. I weigh around 205-210 without gear.

Since I am in the Pittsburgh area, it would be easiest for me to go to either MX-Tech, Pro-Action or PR2 since they are all in this area (plus, I would rather support a local company if at all possible). I was wondering if anyone has any experience with any of these companies and if there is a specific reason why they would recommend one versus another.

I realize that John from MX-Tech moderates a thread on this board and that this may cause some bias on certain responses. However, I would like some candid opinions and advice as to why one company may be better than another. For those who have had suspension work done, what are the primary reasons by which you would rate a company high?: Quality of work, customer service, price, follow-up after service, etc.

I have also performed searches on Thumpertallk regarding suspension services and have seen a number of replies which simply state the name of a company but do not give a reason why they would recommend them. I am trying to determine the true differentiating factors between the different companies.

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