DRZ 400? Sat on a 400

Sat on a 400 a few times before buying my 250f. 3 years later and now looking for a 450. Did i make a mistake? I've grown alot on the 250f but now need more power!! Should I look at the RMZ? CRF? Anyone else with similar experience??

250Fs are fun, but lack that delicious low end nummyness! MXjunky is rather lazy at times, and prefers a bike to require as little maintanence as possible. That's one reason the DRRZZZ attracted the Junky. Also, the DRZ is just a very fun bike to ride, where as the CRF450 that the Junky owned prior to the DRRRZZZ was a little brutal for the laid back style of dirt sickling that MXJunky has been into as of late. (Laid back does not mean that the Junky is a spode, he just doesn't race MX anymo'.)

LOL :p It's cool MXJunky, I understand. We can't be 25 forever! I rode my buddies CRF 450 for a couple hours but just couldnt get use to it. Was tough for me to even get out of 2nd gear :):)

But that doesn't mean I'm spodish either. At least I hope it doesn't.

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