Best Boots for the Money?

I have fox forma pros and love em... they were the only ones i could find to fit comfortably to fit around my calves...

I know I'm going a little cheaper than what you guys have previously mentioned but I bought a pair of Gaerne RX2 (they are cheaper than the SGs) and I like them so far. In this price bracket I think they are the best you can buy. I completely forget about them while I'm riding. They show no (major) signs of wear after their first season and they are pretty comfortable. Plus, I had two crashes where they prooved their efficiency. During the first one, I slided on one side on very rocky terrain :) . The bike was over one of my calf/feet and had absolutely no injuriy. On the other one I landed on my feet after a jump :) and although I felt the shock all the way to my neck my ankles had absolutely no dammage. .


I have the Fox Pro Formas too. I like them a lot. They were comfortable from day one. We will see how they hold up.

I was gettin ready to buy some Fox boots (not sure which model) because they were $80-$100 cheaper than the Tech 4's were (which I wasn't even gonna consider due to the price difference). Then, just for poops and giggles, I decided to "try-on" the Tech 4's and decided within 30 seconds that they were worth the extra money! I was amazed how much more comfortable they were than the Fox boots. So far, so good, but now I am thinking of trying on some Tech 8's or Sidis to see what my feet think about the extra money they cost............ I'll probably walk out with a second pair of boots and a real empty wallet!!!!! :)

I have been wearing a pair of Tech 6s for about 4 years and they are beat, I ride alot so that might have something to do with it, but the soles are gone, the toe pieces are shot, all the screws are missing that hold the metal toes pieces, the stitching up around the ankles has all come undone. On the positive side, my feet have never been hurt, as the boots provide good protection. I'm looking at either the fox forma or a sidi boot in the future.

How good are Alpinestars? I'm still wearing a pair of Tech 7's, yes that's right, most people don't even remember the Tech 7's from the 90's. But I can't just throw them away as they just aren't worn out. They have outlasted 2 dirt bikes and are still holding up fine.

So Alpinestars are definitely worth the money. 4's, 6's or 8's, I don't believe you'll regret the investment.


I hear you, own the 7's, outlived 5 bikes, 3 owners :) , finally decided to skip to either tech 4, with enduro sole, or maybe even T6 with enduro sole, wich dont anymore exist as a product..Im begging for those on my knees

So, who has the best price on Sidi Force SRS boots? :)

Well, like I said I would probably do....... I got the Sidi flexforce boots and left the store a poor man :) But, the boots flex in the ankle so nicely and are still very strong........ so I guess it has to be worth it. The salesman said the prices just went up on the boots due to Sidi raising their pricing to the dealers but I got mine for for $315.00 instead of the marked $350.00 because my cousin happened to be buying a TTR125 for his wife while we were there :) . So hopefully I didn't still overpay too much.... :p


So, who has the best price on Sidi Force SRS boots? :)

Sidi's are rarely discounted. Rocky mountain has them for $350. ( I got 2 pair at that price! :p )

I get Sidi replacement parts from:

Also note that they sell the Xtra long straps that dont come with the boots if you wear knee braces. Sidi is first class support! You can get any part for that boot. Just check the 3 pages of parts on the web site link above. :) Try that with other boot companies! :D

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